Design Love- Hmong Textiles

When I sat down to write this article and started researching images, seeing them literally gave me goosebumps.  Like when you hear a song that hits your heart, or see an outfit that you must know the feeling.  

The Hmong people are an ethnic group that are from the mountainous regions of China, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand.  Depending on the region in which they're from, you will find variations in color and design.   I've seen these gorgeous fabrics turned into throw pillows, handbags, coin purses, table runners and more.  They are stunning.  

I have been crushing on Hmong textiles for about a year now and recently used a few Hmong fabric throw pillows in a bedroom I did in Boston.  They, along with most tribal fabrics rich in history are having their moment in the sun right now.  But, in my opinion, they will never go out of style.  They are hand made, intricate, so full of time, energy, history and love....they are each a work of art and soulful art is always in vogue.


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