Design Love - Meditation Altars

Meditation has always been something for me that I felt I needed to aspire to, but always seemed to remain just out of reach.  I would try and try but I would never be able to quiet my mind long enough to feel like it did me any good.  I’ve had every single one of my holistic care practitioners tell me that Meditation was my missing ingredient…so it’s always felt extra frustrating that I had such a hard time doing it.  I recently found an app that has completely transformed my experience with meditation and has inspired me to create a meditation altar in my home, to support my new daily practice.  I have always had spiritual elements throughout my home that keep me feeling connected, but there is something inside me drawn to the idea of having a specific space where I can sit and meditate every day…even if it’s just for 10 minutes.

Meditation altars have been around for centuries, to provide people a place to connect to their higher self and support their spiritual practice.  Whatever your spiritual or religious beliefs, they are a beautiful addition to any home and help to remind you of a power greater than yourself along with your ability to rise above any obstacle this human existence may throw at you.  They can be adorned with meaningful statues, crystals, candles or a simply a piece of art that inspires you to be your greatest self.  Whatever you choose to bring into this sacred space, it should create a calm, peaceful and inspiring feeling within you. 

Tiny or awkward nooks that you don’t know what to do with are a GREAT place to transform into altar spaces…although, they can of course be anywhere that you’re little heart (or spirit) desires.