Interior Designer, Artist, Certified Coach


Design changes the way we feel about everything....for better or worse. So beautiful design that's in sync with your soul is key.

It is my intention with every redesign, that it will ignite a flame inside you that inspires positive change in all other key areas of your life....such as relationship with yourself, others, your body and how you care for it, your career (does it inspire you?), your spiritual practice (do you feel connected?).

It's about the whole picture.

Here's my story...

Born into a family of artists, I have been creating art of one kind or another for as far back as I can remember.  Creating felt essential and instrumental in finding my joy.  My favorite pass-times as a child were thumbing through architecture books, drawing rooms to scale, playing with my fathers jewelry making tools, re-arranging and re-painting my room and making art with a fearless fervor.  One of the largest influences on my aesthetic, and my fixation with design being deeply meaningful was my fathers passion and interest in Native American culture, design and history.  As a family, we spent our summers on cross country road trips, exploring the West, finding new treasures to bring home and spending time on the reservations with elders, who were willing to teach my father more about how they created their art. The tradition, time, symbolism and soul that was infused into every piece really hit my heart.  After high school, I studied Interior Design in a traditional college setting in New York City, but left in my second year because my freedom seeking, rule breaking, gypsy heart just needed to march to the beat of its own drum.

Throughout the years, I worked in fine art, fashion, had my own jewelry line, dabbled in acting in NY and LA, and then began to play with refurbishing & making furniture.  

At a particularly introspective phase of my 20's, after giving birth to my daughter, I decided to give up all of my artistic endeavors for a career in the healing arts.  I had had a strong knowingness from a young age that my "life purpose" was to help others and at the time, I just couldn't see how a career as an artist or interior designer would "help save the world".  So I put aside, what I saw to be my selfish/surface desire to make pretty things, in exchange for fully devoting my life to help those in need.

I spent 5 years as a Health & Lifestyle Coach and a Reiki practitioner.  I worked intimately with clients and helped them to overcome internal obstacles, health & spiritual challenges and align their lives with their biggest dreams.

While doing this work I began to take a look within and I realized that I was not aligned with my own dreams and passions.

I started to question everything.

A series of almost magically aligned events had my family and I leaving the hustle and bustle of  New York behind and moving to the country in Massachusetts.

I welcomed the change and opportunity to wipe my slate clean and start on my own life redesign.

I was determined to find a way to blend my natural gifts of design, with my purpose of helping others...and founded Shannon Tate Interiors in 2011.  After working with my first few clients, I realized redesign of your space does inspire positive change in all areas of life and I've been doing this work with love, joy and passion ever since.

Your physical environment plays a key role in how you perceive your life and how big of a game you're wiling to play.  It's just like that old saying "dress for success"....well, time for an old saying makeover. 

I'm going with...Design for Success. 

Are you ready?  If so, give me a shout, I'd love to get started with you!