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Shannon Tate-Giordano, Founder, Lead Designer

Shannon Tate-Giordano is a testament to the fact that interior design is about far more than aesthetics--it is a matter of capturing an individual's personality and life experiences in a finite space.  She is known for her ability to see to the heart of who her clients are and create spaces for them that are not only a reflection of that heart,  but also support them in leading with their best in life.  She firmly believes that our homes are powerful conduits for change and essential parts of creating the lives we desire. 

Her work has been featured in numerous media outlets including Domino, Remodelista and DesignSponge  and although her work has been described  as "zen," "inspired," and "warm," it is above all unique to her clients and full of soul. 

Shannon was raised on Long Island,  by artistic, supportive parents, who encouraged all of their four kids to be creative and adventurous.   Most childhood days were spent listening to music and drawing at the kitchen table and every summer included a cross country road trip.  As she got a bit older, Shannon's kitchen table drawing became sketches of her dream home, and her interests became more acutely fixed on architecture and design.  Both of her parents fostered the interest, allowing her free reign over her bedroom, where she painted abstract art on her walls, designed and made small accent furniture pieces, rearranged endlessly and dreamed of what life would be like when she had a whole house to play with.  After graduating high school, she went on to study Interior Design in New York City and from very early on she developed a deep commitment to not only designing spaces that were "pretty", but that were deeply meaningful and reflective of her clients. 

Shannon is a true Renaissance woman, and has additionally worked in fashion, acting, writing, had a 5 year stint as a Health Coach & private chef,  is a certified Reiki practitioner and has a deep working knowledge of Feng Shui.   

In addition to her Interior Design services, Shannon designs and creates custom furniture, art and home decor for her clients.  One of a kind pillows, vintage decor, and original artwork are also available in the online shop.  

She has worked with clients across the globe from Australia to Ibiza, Vancouver, New York and California through her E-design and consulting work and in Full Service design, with clients all over the Northeastern US.  

She spent most of her young adult years in New York City with a few year adventure in Los Angeles  and now lives with her husband and daughter in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts.