3 Key Design Ninja Moves

Did you know my Design Style when it comes to fashion = Frye Boots + Vintage Blue Jeans + a Target Top?

Are you wondering why I'm talking about fashion?  Well....because I love fashion, but also to let you in on a few of my design ninja moves.

When it comes to design, in any arena...be it fashion, interiors, whatever....I believe in putting the money where it Screen shot 2014-09-13 at 12.36.46 PMcounts.   Design doesn't have to break the bank, but there are pieces that are wise to invest in.  Take my fashion example of Frye boots + Vintage jeans + Target tank top for instance.  Frye boots are incredible quality, they get cooler with age, they will last you a lifetime, never really go out of style,  but they are pricey....ranging from $300-$700 a pair, they are an investment.  But they are literally worth every  single penny.  Another example would be to invest in a really great coat that you'll wear for years, or a really gorgeous bag.  These pieces are worth the money you'll spend.  In interior design, the Frye boots would fall into the same category as a really incredible sofa.  Screen shot 2014-09-13 at 12.33.57 PMOne of my favorite companies for high quality sofas is a company called Cisco Brothers.  They do everything eco friendly/hypo allergenic, the construction of the furniture is top notch, with FSC certified hardwoods, organic wool and fabrics, 100% natural latex, etc.  This furniture will last you 20+ years, but again the pieces are pricey.  They can range from $2500-$7000+.  Many people wonder why you can get a sofa at a store like Ikea for $800 or Pottery barn for $1500....the difference is in the quality of crafstmanship, quality of the products used to make it and how long the product will last you.  A sofa from Ikea will last you (looking fairly decent) for maybe 2-3 years. With pets or kids, you can but that in half.

And this is why my #1 Design Ninja move is:  "Put the Money Where it Counts"  

Splurge where the splurge is in best use.

Now onto my #2 Design Ninja move...which is "Sprinkle it with Soul"

One of my favorite pass times is finding treasures at vintage & antique shops. I've always been in love with  vintage dresses, purses, worn in Levis, jewelery (but no shoes, yucky!  but that's my own weird issue with feet  ;-)) I love the soul that you find in these pieces.  They have history and character and this is what takes an outfit and a home from boring/ordinary to special, funky and unique.  Screen shot 2014-09-13 at 1.19.11 PM

Take this awesome large flat drawer  filing cabinet turned coffee table for example.  It's got lots of soul and charm.  I love it!   Or these funky lights.

Screen shot 2014-09-13 at 1.32.14 PM

And last but not least, we have my #3 Design Ninja move:  "Save where your style is continuously evolving"

And by that I mean....save on items that you'll want to change out a few times a year.  For example, when it comes to clothing, this could mean a top that you get from Target or Marshalls or TJ Maxx...where you can spend $10 on a top rather than $80+.

Screen shot 2014-09-13 at 1.48.22 PM

Now before I go any further on this one.  I must make very clear that this is not about being cheap, it's about being smart.  If you're cheap, you will end up with a house full of crap, but if you are smart you will end up with a beautiful, balanced space.  

It's great to pick up things like decorative pillows, throws, knick-knacks from places like this because your style and moods will continuously evolve.  Maybe for the winter you'll want warmer colors around and in the summer you'll want cooler colors....or maybe you'll find a new style or color palette you enjoy.  So, for items like this it's great to find them inexpensively...(although there are always instances where it's great to splurge here too!).  Here are a few things I love right now from Target, that fall into this "Save where your style is continuously evolving" category:

Screen shot 2014-09-13 at 2.05.46 PM

And that's all I've got for today my lovely readers!  I appreciate you deeply & I look forward to reuniting next Tuesday!!


Screen shot 2013-03-05 at 1.32.25 PM






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