Happy to be Blue

As you can tell from my work, I typically like a white wall.  Some shade of white....a creamy white, a grey white, a pinky white....it makes me feel happy and refreshed to walk into a light space.  With all that being said.....I have to admit to having a big fat design crush on dark blue walls right now.  They can vary from navy, to dark turquoise and when a room is covered in it, damn does it make a statement.  I even have a pinterest board dedicated to this color, which you can follow by clicking here. This color really sets the scene for drama and depth....like you'd want to have a glass of wine, while listening to jazz, writing poetry and looking out your window to see Paris in all its beauty.   Yeah...it's that kind of color.  Here are a few of my favorite examples of this that I found on pinterest.





Are you wondering how you can make these dark blue walls work in your space?  Here are a few tips.

1.  Be sure to choose a room that has ample natural light.  Putting a super dark color on a wall with no light will bring you down.  Balance is key.

2.  Add in old things!  Antiques and items with character are really showcased well in a room of this color.

3.  Accent with brass.  Oooooo, do I ever love brass.  Brass is classic and timeless with a hint of fancy.   So...brass away my friends, brass lamps, sconces, gold framed mirrors or art work.


Do you also have a design crush on dark blue walls?  I'd love to see some spaces you love.  

Upload your photos to instagram with the hashtag #happytobeblue and we can all share the love, get inspiration and create a beautiful little design party on instagram.

Talk to you next week!


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