living in a song: Cap Diamant by Coeur De Pirate

i'm extremely inspired my music.  you may have heard me say this before.  i listen to music and then dream in pictures while i listen.  i've been doing this's just how my brain and soul work together.  so...that's why i've created this new type of post & service, which i will be doing regularly...called "living in a song." step 1: click the link to the song to listen to it on you-tube in a new window.

step 2: then come back to the post in see what it's like to live in a song...inside my head anyway. :)

step 3: repeat

step 4: close your eyes, take a breath.

pretty little gift from my heart to you.

hope you enjoy!

this weeks song is:

Cap Diamant by Coeur de Pirate.  >LISTEN HERE<  I discovered her a few weeks ago...she popped up on my Regina Spektor pandora station.  love pandora.

all of the images/things, aside from a few are from etsy.  i always love to support small businesses.  i have no affiliations with any of them, get no commissions if you click and buy...just some free love for them.  their pieces where in alignment with images i has scrolling through my mind while listening to this song like a zillion times.


enjoy & as always thank you for your support.  i love, love, love reading your comments, so please keep 'em coming!

1.  wet window pane photo  2.  vintage 501 levis  3.  vintage door shabby chic french decor photo  4.  sand colored urban ballet flats  5.  latte photo  6.  vintage pink dress (sold!)   7.  prairie cotton dress  8.  rainy day in the Jardin des Tuileries  9. nude colored purse  10.  piano music box  11.  black and white building photo  12.  piano stool  13.  vintage diary  14.  lace chandelier  15.  black urban ballet flats  16.  building through a rainy window photo