vintage lap desk before & after



when I saw this little lap desk a few months ago I knew I needed to have it....but I didn't get it.  why do I do that?  then last week as I was driving by the same antique shop on my way home and saw it there again, I knew it was meant to be.  the shop owners had been keeping it outside (gasp!) in the rain and it was so sad and needed so much love.  it was dry and brittle and flaking everywhere....but its turquoise charm was still very much intact.  i picked it up, brought it home and immediately began fantasizing about how I'd refurbish it.  I loved the turquoise (flaking and all) so much, along with the wood showing through that I knew I wanted to use that in the design and keep plenty of it visible.  I sat with it for a while then slowly day by day gave it a little something more.  I like to make a move then sit with it for a little while before I decide what I'll do next.  I let it talk to me.  :)  I had a plan of selling it, but ended up loving it so much that I couldn't let it go!