small spaces

Tiny Perfection

My husband and I have been thinking a lot about moving, and of course the question on the top of the list is…..”what would our ideal be?”  The answers seems to vary from day to day, but on the whole, what I have found myself most drawn to are small, but highly optimized spaces.  I’ve been calling it “Tiny Perfection.”

Last year we rented an apartment in LA for a week that was about half the size of our house.  We both commented on how much we missed this kind of “close quarters” living…it felt cozy and comforting and was beautifully balanced by a lot of light, windows and the French doors leading out to the terrace.  

Over the last few months browsing on Zillow and Trulia I have seen tons of homes for sale that just seem so large and but then they have a detached garage, pool house or refurbished barn and I find myself thinking….I want to live in the Pool House….not the big house.  Can I just get that?

And while none of us want to live in an actual Tiny House (maybe good for a backyard office though?) ….this idea of Tiny Perfection really has my heart.

Here are some beautiful small spaces that have been inspiring my BIG (I usually always say “little heart”…why do I do that?) designer heart….

Talk to you next week!!