Non toxic wood stains & finishes

Hey lovelies!  Guess what?!  I'm 35 years old!  Yes, I just had a birthday (quick b-day photo collage below) and like all birthdays it has been a time for lots of fun and also time to reflect and see how I can improve my self love, self care and have the best year ever!  That's what life is all about, right!?  Screen shot 2014-11-11 at 12.49.13 PMThis year I have committed to treating my body better than I ever have before and I'm excited!  I have a new treadmill coming AND I'm partitioning my basement into a work room/exercise space.  The saw dust has been a real issue when I do my woodworking projects and I'm excited about creating a dust free zone for exercise. BUT, even more than that, I have been really serious about wanting to get 100% No VOC stains and finishes for my building and refurbishing projects.  The last time I stained in the basement, with the doors open and fresh air breezing in this summer, my basement still stunk for days and (strangely) the laundry I did in the days to come had this horrible kerosene smell.   Ew, ew, ew!  At that moment, I told myself this was the last time I would do this in my house.  I knew that it was harmful to our health and  it wasn't worth it.   The thing is though...I LOVE doing these woodworking projects so I knew I had to find another way to finish these pieces, that would also allow me to breathe!   I've been so excited about the non toxic, no VOC stains and finishes I've found that I thought I'd share them with you today.  These can be used not only on furniture, but flooring too! need to leave the house for a week while you get your floors refinished anymore.  These products are taking our health seriously and it's so refreshing to finally see.  Here's to good health, green living & doing work that we love! THE Breath Easy Stain & Finish ROUND UP:

ECOS PAINT Wood Shied offers No -Odor, Zero VOC stains & finishes for wood floors & furniture

BioShield Furniture & Flooring Hardwax finish is an odor-free, all-natural paste wax that creates a long-lasting finish

BioShield Aqua Resin Stain Finish is an odor-free, weather-resistant, water-based finish for interior and exterior wood surfaces

Safecoat DuroStain is a Low odor, water based stain for interior & exterior use

Vermont Natural Coatings offers finishes for furniture & flooring that are a PolyWhey finish, which is an evolved clear coating that uses recycled whey protein to make a durable and safe sealer and topcoat in one

Talk to you next week!