peek behind the curtain of my latest kitchen renovation!

i feel like it's been ages since I last posted.  oh has!  i'm on a 3 hour train ride to NY to go to my cousins wedding...what to do with all that time?  write a blog post of course!  and connect with all of you lovelies. i ve been all consumed (JOYOUSLY) by  a new project...a kitchen renovation, which is (awesomely) just 5 minute drive from my house.  yippee!!  and can i say, awesome clients?  i love how i've begun to attract my ideal clients....the more clear you are on what you want, the more the universe provides!  not only have i made great new friends, but we were all out to dinner last night and one of my clients brought up the fact that mercury just went retrograde, and how it explained the minor set back we had during installation of the cabinets (wrong size cabinet delivered!).  sigh.  i love this couple.  we can talk design, life and astrology?!  i have found my people! :)

anyway, let's get into the nitty gritty details!  the kitchen had lead painted cabinets, it was an uninsulated, chilly,  brown painted floors...not a feel good space, you know?  we're about 3/4 of the way done, thanks to our awesome contractor Jamie Rourke, and I will have pics of the final results in a few weeks!  i can't wait...i'm like a little kid counting down the days until christmas!

for now, here are the before images, the design plans and some of the work in progress.

as always, I LOVE to hear what you think, so please feel free to comment below and share on facebook!

enjoy & speak soon!!