Custom Design on any budget

E-Design is a great way for you to take advantage of our designer know-how and have us decorate your space without retaining Shannon Tate Interiors for Full Service Interior Design. Your E-Design is completely customized for you, so it’s a true representation of who you are, fits your space and meets your budget. E-Design service can be provided no matter where you live, so it’s available for US & International clients, thanks to our good friends, internet, skype & email.

You email me pictures and the measurements of your room(s) to be decorated, along with your completed Design Questionnaire.  Once we read through your answers and the budget is established, I will create a custom design plan for you which includes the following:

-Mood Board:  We realize that one of the biggest challenges in designing your own space, is being able to visualize the end product.  The purpose of the mood board is to provide you with a visual representation of the feel and style of your newly designed space to remove all the guess work for you.  

-3-D Rendering:  Your 3-D rendering will provide you with a layout of your space, done to scale to show you exactly how your furniture will be placed in your room.  This is done to aid you visually, but also to ensure that all of your selected decor will fit perfectly into your space.  

-Shopping List:  We will provide you with a complete shopping list and links to purchase all of the items needed for your space.

*Turn around time:   A week and a half

Also available upon request:

-Feng-Shui Bagua Map:  Your map will show exactly how each area of your home aligns with the different areas of your life.  It will also provide you with tips on how to enliven each sector to create more harmony and balance.  


Living rooms, dining rooms & bedrooms:  $695 per 

Kitchens:  $995 per

Entryways:  $495 per


A.  Traditional E-Design:  with a traditional E-Design package, we send you a comprehensive list of all of the items you need to purchase for your space to bring the design to life.  We compile this list through online shopping resources and (when applicable) stores in your local area. 

B.  Custom E-Design:  this option is provided to you if you’d like to step beyond traditional retail offering and take advantage of our wide variety of to-the-trade only home decor options.  We will help you with all of your selections and arrange for delivery to your home.  


 To Inquire about E-Design or to to set up a FREE consult call and see if E-Design is right for you, please contact us by clicking here.