The Mamas & The Papas & their kitchen....

It's been far too long since I've written!  I've been busy with work and trips to see family & kiddo out of school.  What can I say?  Life gets busy...but luckily, it's busy with all good, yummy, happy, designy, delicious things!  If you're interested in staying in touch even through the off weeks when I forget to post on the blog, the best way is to follow me on Instagram.  I promise you it will always be a pretty and inspiriting place to visit! :)

Anyway...back to the topic at hand, I'm in the midst of 2 large home renovations (which you'll hear all about in the coming months)  and just wrapping up my Parent's kitchen renovation!  It has been equal parts fun and equal parts challenging working for my parents.  You know, some days I was the designer and some days I was their daughter....and some days they were my clients, and some days they were my parents.  But, it's all love and we were able to giggle and hug at the end of the day and that's all that matters.  What would any of us do without family?  Sigh.

My parents have been saving for this kitchen renovation for many many years.  They've worked their buns off, put all 4 of their kids through college, just finished paying off their 30 year mortgage (I can't wait for that day!!) and FINALLY they get their new kitchen.  The last time this kitchen was done was when I was 10 years old....calculation = 26 years ago.  I remember that time very well.  I was so intrigued by the process of wiping the slate clean and starting over again.  Which is why I'm sure, to this day, one of my favorite parts of a renovation is when the home is gutted and it's just sitting there SO full of potential.  Then day by day, moment by moment, you see this vision that's moved from your heart, to your brain, to a computer screen, slowly come to life.  It's like the biggest, best, art project ever.  

Below I have included images of the kitchen before, the image rendering of the design plan, and the project as it's progressed.  I will of course do a full photo shoot of the space, once it's 100% complete and share in the coming month or so.  


& As always, I'd love to hear what you think, so leave your comments below!