Finding Joy in the midst of sadness

This morning I woke up and wondered what I could share that felt important in the midst of all this sadness we're experiencing as a country right now.  I wondered how I could write a post about textiles or pillows and actually feel like it had any substance or relevance at this moment. 

I've always been a very sensitive person....when something tragic happens, it gets inside really deep, it lingers, it coats me.  I have to steer clear of certain types of films, imagery...because they kind of scar my heart.  I've learned through different experiences and as I've gotten older, how to get myself back to a formula that I can use to dig myself out of the sadness. 

When I was coaching people, we used to create these joy lists, that they could use to do the same or anytime they wanted to feel more alive, more inspired, more centered. 

The process of grief is healthy, natural and doesn't need to be rushed.  But, sometimes it's hard to find our way back to joy after grief.  

As many of you have I'm sure, I've also grappled with the feeling of guilt when I find myself laughing or feeling good when something tragic has happened in the world.....  Asking myself..."is it too soon?"  "is it disrespectful to those who have passed that I'm here feeling good in this moment?" 

My heart says no, it's not.  My heart says that those who have passed are in a divine place...they are free of sadness, free of guilt, free of anger, free of any negative human emotion....because now, they are ALL SOUL.  And they want us to find our joy....not let our joy be stolen by hate.  Finding joy is how we fight back....because JOY, LOVE, PEACE, always win. 

Here are a few things on my joy list....I encourage you to make your own for whenever you need to get yourself back to joy.

1. 5 minutes in the sun

2.  Time with my girl

3.  Saying a prayer.  When I really allow myself to let go and let God (whoever your God may be) and trust that it's all in God's hands, I find peace. 

4.  Connecting with my husband.  He brings me back to my center.  Always has.

5.  Weeding my garden.  Such a sense of satisfaction and definitely seems to simultaneously weed out the negative thoughts in your mind. 

6.  Looking at Moroccan Tile....hey...everybody has their thing. 

7.  Pinterest...get's me right back to my happy place. 

8.  Creating projects bring me back to my heart center. 

Love to you, Love to Orlando, Love to Christina Grimme's Family and all the other souls on this earth who are suffering right now.  

So Much Love.