Redesigning LIFE


I’m in Miami this week with my family.  It’s a much-needed time of relaxation for all of us and I’m so grateful for this moment in time and life.

I forgot to write and schedule my newsletter before I left, so I’m here by the pool while my kiddo swims and my husband naps and I’m all covered up trying to shield my fair skin from further sunburns, writing my newsletter to you.  And I think somehow that my forgetting to schedule the newsletter was an act of divine intervention because I’ve happened upon a deeper message to share while I’ve been here.

As a designer, it’s my job to create beautiful environments for people.  I do this work from a very connected & spiritual place and it’s always my number one goal to create a space for my clients that will make them feel inspired, relaxed, held…and like a true reflection of who they are.  I do this because I love helping people and I know it’s not just about the outer world…it’s about our inner worlds as well.  The two need to work in harmony with one another.  All the outer work is for shit if you don’t have your inner game working in your favor. 

Like many people, my spiritual game sprouted up during a time of personal crisis….I was in my late teens and I was forced to look within for answers because the answers I wanted were nowhere else to be found.  I took it deeper and deeper throughout the years, beyond my faith in a higher power, studying how to heal my body with food and herbs, coaching other people to do the same, I worked as a Reiki practitioner, harnessing and balancing energies, I’ve studied Feng Shui and balancing environments, and even with all these tools at my disposal….I still unravel, I still find myself in these inarguably egocentric human moments.  Yesterday, I had a particularly human moment…when I saw myself in my bikini in a photograph.  I totally lost it.  The negative mind chatter was on full blast for hours afterwards.  After my ego had had it’s fun with me and my spirit was finally audible again, I thought to myself….”Daaaaaamn, that was hot mess of feelings and that did not feel good.”  Note to self: "You need to work on this, Shannon."  And then, I reframed.  Because the bigger, more important question always is….How can I learn from this?  What is the deeper message here?  For me, it certainly has to do with creating a more regular exercise routine that is 100% based in self love and not self loathe….but more importantly it also has to do with, I’m 36 years old, it’s time for me to start being as kind and accepting of myself as I am to everyone else I meet.  It’s time.  It’s sooo time. 

So, for me, this is what I went through…and there will of course be more things… for you, it may be something else.  But, you know what the BEST part of all this is…the BEST thing to realize and remind ourselves of every single day?

WE are the grand designers of our life. 

Just Us


We always have the power to re-design at any moment.


It’s a beautiful, empowering and real. 

So, this week while I leave you with these beautiful, inspiring moments I’ve captured on my trip so far, I challenge you to take a look within and see where it might be time for you to do some re-designing in life.

Love love love love always,