How to do Halloween with Style....

Halloween is just around the corner, so decorating is all the talk in our house.  My daughter loves decorating for all the holidays...but I have such a halt inside me when it comes to Halloween.  I love the pumpkins, yes, love the fall colors....but I just can't handle the blood and guts...what can I say...I'm a sensitive soul and that stuff haunts me.  So, this year I decided we should do a Day of the Dead theme for decorating, because it's a little spooky, and there are skulls, but it's also kind of cheery and happy and colorful and celebratory...and I like that.  

I love the whole idea of the Day of the Dead.  It's a multi day celebration in Mexico where friends and families gather together to pray for and remember friends and family who have passed away and help support their spiritual journey.  How cool is that?  They make the favorite foods of the deceased, create altars for's actually really special.  

Anyway....since I'm so excited about this theme, I thought I'd share some inspiration for you as well!

Happy decorating!!