DIY Moroccan Wedding Blanket Pillow

Hey hey!  Today I'm going to share with you how to make your own Moroccan Wedding Blanket Pillow.  I wanted one of these beauties for our office/guest room, but I was trying to be really "good" about staying on budget and with all the other spending, I decided it made more sense for me to make one myself.  And while I always love an old piece with a lot of soul, I equally love creating things of my own, because they are full of soul too! :)

Below you'll see my step by step process.  All in all, this cost me about $30!....which is also pretty amazing, because a true Moroccan Wedding Blanket pillow will be hundreds of dollars and the full blankets can be thousands.  Well worth it, but if you're looking for an equally beautiful yet more affordable option then this little DIY project will be a great one for you to dive into.  AND, It only took me about an hour to complete!

What you'll need:

1.  a variety of trim styles, you'll need some Sparkle, some Shimmer, and some Tassels & Fringe.  I recommend you get everything in an Off White, rather than bright white, because it makes it look more authentic. 

2.  Sewing machine....unless you have MANY hours to hand sew.  God bless sewing machines!

3.  a zipper

4.  a pillow insert 

5.  simple fabric, Off White, cut to size of your pillow insert. 


Gather all of your trimmings together, cut them all vertically, the height of the pillow. 


Prepare to sew in your zipper.  You will sew in about one inch on either end of the pillow, where the zipper will be sewn.  You will then flip it over and iron down the folds. 


Place your zipper where you want it, face down.  (In this image it looks like it's face up, but that's because it's an invisible zipper) Sew your zipper into place.


Arrange all your trim pieces where you want them and take a'll need to reference it later. 


Remove all of your trim EXCEPT for your thick sequin pieces.  Mark where they go and sew them each down.  They will act as your guide for where the rest go.  Refer to the photo you took on the last step and continue to sew until you have then all down.


Un-zip your zipper and turn the pillow inside out.  Sew all of your edges closed, then turn the pillow right side out again. 


Stuff your pillow with poly-fill or your pillow insert. 


Bring it up to the bed, do a little happy dance and celebrate your new little beauty!!

Speak to you real soon!!