A love note...

Hello lovely reader, I was wanted to take a moment and write you a little love note.  These past 3 years have been the most personally and professionally fulfilling of my life and I am so grateful and honored that you have chosen to let me into your world and loved me through these years of personal growth.  I think we all start to lead from our hearts more during the holidays and it's my hope that we all carry that heart-centered, pureness with us throughout the year and truly feel what it is to live from that place.

I did also want to share something that feels important in this moment.  Just a little over 3 years ago, I was a girl who was just "getting by", trying to figure out how I could do what I truly wanted with my life, trying to figure out if it was even possible.  I would have moments of belief, followed by extreme doubt.  I was a mother to a little girl, a wife supporting her husband to attain his dreams and part of me thought..."has my time passed?"  "is it too late for me?" The stars seemed to align for us and provided us with an opportunity to move and create a new life for our family.  This allowed me the first opportunity I'd had in maybe my whole life to just sit with myself, my heart and really define what I wanted my life to look like, what I wanted to share with the world, and how I wanted to feel, what I truly desired in my day to day.  I was inspired, I started creating whatever seemed to want to come through me, mixed with crying my eyes out to my husband, my parents, my friends.  I had so much doubt in myself.  It was painful.  But, the more I created, the more strength, confidence and clarity rose to the surface and the less doubtful I felt.  I followed my fire, my desire (thank you Danielle LaPorte) and the more I did, the more I would be supported by the universe, angels, god, whatever you want to call it, and again the more confident, strong and clear I felt.  I felt like for the first time I was maybe doing what I was meant to be doing with my life.  It became more and more clear with each synchronistic event that occurred.  It was like god was giving me a wink and saying "yup, that's it...keep doing that, I'm making it very clear for you"   It has been the most spiritual journey I've ever had because it required me to have absolute faith, no matter what adversity came my way.  And believe me there's been a ton.  And believe me the faith would slip from time to time, but every moment I would choose to go back into surrender and "let go and let god", everything seemed to come back together again.   I have had some incredible teachers, coaches and mentors along the way as well that need some shout outs....Marie Forleo helping me with business know how, being a spiritual entrepreneur and making me laugh my ass off along the way, Christina Morassi helping me to understand how I could bring all of my gifts and passions into one single business, for that I can never thank you enough, Kristen Domingue for helping me to understand our "life purpose" is not "our job", it's what we bring to any job we could ever have, the special essence that we infuse it with.  Thank you, thank you to all of you amazing women.  Thank you to all of my sisters who have supported me, my family, my husband, my daughter and YOU.   

What am I telling you this?  I am telling you this because I want you to see how human I am, how human we all are and I want you to know, Your time has not passed, if you have a dream, go out there today and start walking towards it.  Proclaim it, do something to take you towards it every day until you get there.  Because whatever moment you wake up to realize your dream is the time that you were meant to.  YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!  You can redesign your entire life, you can move somewhere you've always wanted to, you can start a new career, you can literally do whatever you want to do.  The only thing that is ever stopping you from moving forward is yourself, no circumstance and I mean NO circumstance is stronger than the will of the human spirit.  A human spirit that has made a decision, can make miracles happen, a human spirit that had made a decision summons the all mighty, limitless powers of the universe and opportunities will appear as if by magic to light your path.  I know this to be true because I have experienced it myself and I hope with all of my heart that you do to.

I wish for YOU the most beautiful, fulfilling, love filled life and the most happy Thanksgiving surrounded by people that you love.

I love you and thank you so much for your support.  I wouldn't be here without you.