I have my own show!

Hello my lovely readers, I have some exciting news!  I have my own show on The Design Network...and I need your support to keep it going!  My first episode of "Redesigning Life" just went live and the topic is Feng Shui for Wealth & Prosperity.  I thought I'd start on a topic that always gets great reviews.  With this first episode I have been entered in a contest to win $5K, which would be awesome (and I intend to win!) but more than that I would really love to have my own show on this network permanently and have it produced by them!  So that's where your help comes in....the more comments I get, along with subscribers and genuine interest in the content, the more likely it will be that I'll get their attention.  It has been a dream of mine for so many years to have my own design show...to be able to share my wide variety of interests and passions and truly inspiring and uplifting people in the process.  I would deeply appreciate your support in making this dream a reality.  So, please follow this link to view my first video, subscribe while you're there and share this with your friends.

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With lots of love & deep gratitude,


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