behind the scenes of my last month + where authenticity takes you

hey all!  it's been so long since I've last posted.  i've really been missing the connection with all of here i am!  i hope all of you had a lovely Thanksgiving and that you're enjoying the holiday season as much as I am.  this is our first Christmas here in MA without our extended family close by, so it's been extra extra important to make sure it's super special for our little Jolie bean. last you heard from me it was just before my tele-class, change your environment, change your life.  it went so well!  it felt so powerful to break through a block that i'd had for so many years.  i was previously petrified of doing a tele-class or any sort of public speaking....but it's amazing...once I was doing a talk on a subject i was incredibly passionate about, a subject that felt truly in sync with my soul,  the fear disappeared.   magic.  AND, once i did take that leap, it seemed to open the flood gates to my dreams.  i had a huge swooooosh of clients pour into my lap, which is why i've been so off the radar.  all good!...but again, i've missed you.  :)

lesson learned:  authenticity paves the path to your dreams.

another big goal of mine was to continue to have clients in NYC even though I'm in MA.  and guess what baby?  i booked a full service design gig with this amazing family in NYC.  they have been an absolute dream & so fun to create for!

here's a little taste of their space!

i'll be sure to post again when the installation is complete.

speak soon!









thank you, thank you, thank you as always for your interest, love & support in my journey!